Richard "Rich" D. Estuesta

Richard "Rich" D. Estuesta

Vice President - Community Affairs


From that auspicious day in March 2009 when he joined Asia's first JCI chapter despite his punishing work schedule; to that propitious September election in 2010 when he won a seat in JCI Manila's Board of Directors, Rich Estuesta's name has been synonymous with passion, determination and unwavering commitment to excellence. After all, it was his moment - his to act in, his to mold, his to lead.

And lead he did. Not through empty words - but by a surprisingly discreet dispostion; by humble gestures - noble and carefully crafted; by generous tributes and well-mannered actions; by intuitive insights and the blueprints of planners.

But most of all, by work. Rich astonished even the most dedicated workaholics during his years as a highly successful media producer with his cyclonic energy, and confounded the skeptics with his steely resolve to accomplish the impossible, often masked in a disarmingly mild-mannered demeanor. His "Most Outstanding Member" honors in 2009 and 2010 attest to his spectacular drive and vision unmatched by colleagues of his generation. But his biggest trophy contines to be the multi-awarded "Dare to C.A.R.E." program which he took to heart as his personal mission --- from inception to its conclusion. Truly, JCI Manila would have been half-as-successful these past two years had it not been for this lovable "grandfather of the community" whose heart for community service and corporate social responsibility have always been in the right place at the right time.

"This 2012, we will strengthen the directorates of Community Development, Business and Government, and Environment and Cultural Affairs by focusing on long term programs and also by establishing stronger collaboration with established institutions and corporations that will help us create more effective activities for the membership and the communities we help. It will be a very exciting year as we bring our JCI Manila Directorate Programs to the next level". - Rich